Pros & Cons of Active Rain & MyLionra

By on January 2, 2014
Real Estate Marketing

Do you want additional exposure for your listings, differentiate yourself from your competition and raise your brand profile?

I’m sure you have already heard about the virtues of posting your listings on Realtor networks. But where should you post and how much time is involved is what really matters. To simplify things, I have broken down the pros and cons of two popular Realtor networks: Active Rain and MyLionra.

Both of these sites provide a fantastic platform to increase the marketability of your listings. Before we go in to pros and cons of each, I want to mention This is an incredible time saving tool that helps you quickly post your listings to many of your favorite sites. Just enter your listings once and then copy and paste the code to your favorite sites/blogs. In addition, realbird will blast your listings all over the internet. They have a free and paid version depending on the number of listings you want to promote.

Active Rain:

  • Pros: The size and quality of content is where Active Rain excels. They have a realtor network of over 350,000 members with many of the members posting thoughtful and engaging content. If you want to be active in the Realtor community and get your listings in front of thousands of Realtor, this is great place to post.
  • Cons: If you want your listings to get internet exposure outside of the active rain network, you will need to sign up for their paid “rainmaker” account. Currently, you can get one month for free and then you pay $49 a month or prepay $389 for the year.


  • Pros: Your listings get valuable internet exposure and indexed by all major search engines for free. Mylionra is a fast growing network but is still small enough that your listings will be displayed on the site’s front page.
  • Cons: There is not a lot of engaging content posted by members. Currently, this network is primarily used to promote listings.

Bottom line:
Use both these sites to promote your listings outside of the automatic internet sites set up by your MLS. By doing so, you will raise your brand profile while separating yourself from your competition.


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